The Paperly Story

Paperly is a connection to life’s most meaningful moments. Paperly products are gifts that perpetuate sharing, and are expressions of creativity, personality and community.

Eight years ago, there was an opportunity to create a company that could both encourage entrepreneurship and bring personalized stationery to the masses. The idea of producing one-of-a-kind products exactly to the customer’s specifications was appealing, and we realized that this required a more personal, consultative approach. With that philosophy in mind, Paperly was founded as a direct selling company that allows Consultants to work with customers to design and create custom stationery via home parties, events and individual appointments.

Since the company’s founding, we’ve experienced years of exponential growth. We’ve also expanded our brand to encompass a wide-range of personalized products, including clipboards, cutting boards, and much more. Paperly was awarded 2 prestigious DSA Ethos Awards for product innovation in 2012 and we continue to expand our product portfolio to meet customer demands.

It’s an exciting time of growth and opportunity at Paperly. While browsing our catalog for great products, we encourage you to look into hosting your own Paperly party or opening your own Paperly business. We are confident you’ll love the journey!