Below are some of the more commonly asked questions about being a Paperly Hostesses. If you have additional questions, please contact us.
  • How can I host a Paperly party? It’s easy to host a Paperly party. If you already know a Paperly Consultant, simply tell her you wish to host a party and she will walk you through the very simple process. If you do not already know a Paperly Consultant, simply complete the online sign-up. We will then have a nearby Consultant contact you to discuss the party process.
  • As a party Hostess, what can I earn? You can earn a significant Hostess Credit – up to $150 – that is applied to your order of Paperly products the night of your party. Plus, depending on the level of sales at your party, you can order up to 4 products at one-third off. For more details, download a PDF of Paperly’s Hostess Rewards. Since many Hostesses become Consultants, if you wish, you can apply your Hostess earnings towards the cost of your Starter Kit.
  • What are my responsibilities as a Hostess? Well, it depends. Some Hostesses enjoy personally inviting their friends and prepping the house the night of the event. Other Hostess want the Paperly Consultant to do all the pre-party planning. Either level of involvement is perfectly fine. Simply tell your Consultant what parts of the process you wish to be involved with and she will accommodate you. Truly, the only two responsibilities the Hostess has to perform are to create the list of invitees and to make her house available the night of the event.
  • I held a Paperly party last year. I’d like to hold another one. Should I? Absolutely! Paperly releases new catalogs and products 3x per year: Spring, Fall and holidays. For example, each Spring, Paperly releases new products perfect for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, end of school, camp, graduation, birthdays and housewarmings. And then, each Fall, Paperly releases a catalog packed with stationery, gift stickers, address labels and self-inking stamps, perfect for everyday use. So there are always new products to fall in love with!