hostaparty-land Our Consultants have told us there are many reasons why they joined Paperly:

“I want to regain control of my life”

  • With Paperly, you run your own business – independently, yet with the continuous support of an experienced company
  • Also, you manage your own, flexible work schedule so you can balance work and family as you see fit

“I crave creative fun”

  • With Paperly, you sell fun, highly creative products in a relaxed, social environment
  • Paperly is the perfect outlet for your creative flair

“I want to gain financial freedom”

  • With Paperly, you can earn 20-26% on your products sales, plus a 4-12% bonus
  • You also can earn 3-6% on your downline recruits, plus a 2-8% team/generational bonus
  • In addition, Paperly offers cash bonuses of between $50-$1,000
  • Lastly, you can save up to 26% on your own purchases

So now what...?