The policies outlined below were created by Paperly in order to establish a fair and reasonable business relationship between Paperly, Consultants, Customers, Hostesses and Recruits. Please, if you have any questions about these policies, contact Paperly.

Paperly reserves the right to change any of these policies at any time, although Paperly will use reasonable efforts to give ten (10) days’ advance notice to its Consultants via e-mail; however, changes to this Policy Statement will be binding at such time as Paperly posts them to its Website. Failure to abide by these policies is grounds for immediate termination.

Defined Terms

  • “Paperly”, “company” and “we” are all interchangeable terms and refer to Paperly LLC, an Illinois limited liability company with an address at 2950 North Harwood Street Suite 2200 Dallas, TX 75201
  • “Consultant”, “she”, “he”, and “you” are all interchangeable terms and mean anyone who has signed or otherwise accepted, and is currently operating under, Paperly’s Consultant Agreement.
  • “Active Consultant” is a Consultant whose Personal Sales Volume (as described in Paperly’s Commission & Career Plan and incorporated herein by reference) is greater than or equal to $200 over the past three (3) months from any date of measurement (sometimes referred to as a “rolling quarter”). Being an Inactive Consultant does not impact commissions earned on a Consultant’s Personal Sales Volume.
  • “Inactive Consultant” is any Consultant who is not an Active Consultant. Paperly, at its sole discretion, may grant waivers to the sales requirement.
  • “Customer”, “client” and “end user” are all interchangeable terms and mean the individual who purchases Paperly Products from Paperly or a Paperly Consultant.
  • “Hostess” means an individual who hosts a Paperly party, typically in his or her home.
  • “Party” and “Parties” means a group of orders, all of which are being shipped to the same location, submitted by a Consultant, which total at least $200 before shipping and taxes, and contain at least three (3) Customer orders.
  • “Recruits” mean individuals who Consultants sign-up to be a Paperly Consultant.
  • “Marketing Materials” include, but are not limited to, Paperly’s product catalogs, business cards, order forms, letterhead, stationery and email templates in both electronic and printed formats. Some of Paperly’s Marketing Materials can be personalized and purchased online at Paperly’s “Marketing Portal” located at
  • “Products” mean any item Paperly sells itself or through its Consultants to the Customer.
  • “Virtual Office” means the logged-in version of Paperly’s website located at
  • “Website” means Paperly’s website located at or
1.0 Consultants
1.1 All Paperly Consultants must be U.S. residents, of legal working age, with the legal right to work in the U.S.
1.2 Paperly Consultants will not be treated as employees for federal or state tax purposes.
1.3 All Paperly Consultants must maintain reasonable amounts of property and liability insurance with reputable insurance carriers, but in any event no less than the levels of insurance which are customary in the industry. Paperly Consultants will, upon the request of Paperly, provide proof of such insurance and name Paperly as an additional insured on each such policy.
2.0 Paperly Parties
2.1 All Paperly parties must be hosted only in the United States, a United States territory (e.g. Puerto Rico) or a United States military site with an APO mailing address.
2.2 Paperly is not responsible for any party-related expenses (e.g. marketing, entertainment, etc.) incurred by the Consultant, Hostess or any other third party.
2.3 Paperly is not liable for any damages or claims arising out of any Paperly party.
3.0 Money Collection
3.1 Consultants may collect money from Customers in cash, by check or by credit card (American Express, Discover, MasterCard or Visa).
3.2 Consultants collect all monies, including shipping and sales taxes, from the Customer at the time of sale.
3.3 Checks should be made payable to the Consultant.
3.4 Consultant keeps all cash and checks collected from the sale of Products. Then, when applicable, Paperly charges the Consultant’s credit card for monies owed to Paperly, prior to fulfilling any orders.
3.5 All errors, including but not limited to, collecting the incorrect dollar value, incomplete or inaccurate checks, checks with inadequate funding, and incomplete or inaccurate credit card billing information, are the sole responsibility of the applicable Consultant.
3.6 Paperly is not liable for any damages arising out of the theft of any credit card information provided to Consultant by a Customer.
3.7 Consultant must comply with all applicable Payment Card Industry (“PCI”) requirements, including without limitation, deleting and/or shredding any credit card data in her possession within ten (10) days of payment with such credit card.
4.0 Sales Tax
4.1 The Consultant is solely responsible for charging an accurate sales tax on all Product sales. If the Consultant applies an inaccurate sales tax, Paperly reserves the right to withhold sales tax due from the Consultant’s commissions.
4.2 Consultants may use the sales tax rate found within Paperly’s Virtual Office.
4.3 The sales tax is based on where the purchased Products are being shipped.
4.4 In some states, sales tax is charged on shipping. It is the Consultant’s sole responsibility to confirm, prior to collecting monies, if sales tax on shipping is required. Paperly’s Virtual Office can help the Consultant with this determination.
4.5 Even though the Consultant, per Paperly’s Consultant Agreement, is an independent contractor, for reasons of convenience and accuracy, Paperly will collect the sales tax from the Consultant and submit it to the appropriate governmental agency.
5.0 Consultant Commissions
5.1 “Commissionable Volume” means a Product’s retail price, after accounting for all promotional discounts, sales and Hostess rewards.
5.2 Commissionable Volume is always calculated before shipping and taxes.
5.3 Products purchased using a Consultant’s discount are not commissionable.
5.4 Marketing Materials are not commissionable.
5.5 As Consultant places orders within her Virtual Office, her Commission is auto-calculated as the Commissionable Volume multiplied by 20% (the “Base Rate” as outlined in Paperly’s Commission & Career Plan).
5.6 Then, when applicable, Paperly calculates monthly the Consultant’s commissions above the Base Rate and pays additional Commissions due, if more than or equal to twenty dollars ($20.00), thirty (30) days after the close of the month the order was submitted by the Consultant. If Commissions due are less than twenty dollars ($20.00) for any month, then that month’s Commissions due is rolled over to the next month’s Commissions due and will be paid out the following month, assuming it equals or exceeds twenty dollars ($20.00).
5.7 Any amount due by the Consultant, in order to submit an order via the Virtual Office, is calculated after subtracting the Consultant’s Base Rate commission.
5.8 Paperly may, at its discretion, withhold from any Commission payment amounts it determines are owed by the Consultant to Paperly.
5.9 By agreeing to Paperly’s Credit Card Authorization Form, Consultant authorizes Paperly to charge her credit card for all amounts she owes Paperly and she shall refrain from contesting any such charge made by Paperly.
5.10 Paperly may change its Commission & Career Plan at any time by giving Consultants thirty (30) days’ notice.
6.0 Products
6.1 Due to variations in the printing process, Product colors may vary from the images that appear in Paperly’s catalogs or on Paperly’s Website. Paperly is neither responsible for, nor offers any discounts or refunds on account of, such variations.
6.2 All Product layouts will follow the example in Paperly’s catalogs or on Paperly’s Website, unless expressly agreed to by Paperly in writing or electronically at its sole discretion.
6.3 When applicable, Paperly enables Customers and Consultants an opportunity to preview the personalization of its products; however, the delivered Product may deviate from this preview.
7.0 Product Pricing
7.1 Paperly has the sole and exclusive right to determine the retail and promotional price for all Products.
7.2 Consultant may sell Products only at the price Paperly has established.
7.3 Consultants are not allowed to change Product prices at any time without express written permission from Paperly.
8.0 Promotions
8.1 Consultants shall inform Customers, Hostesses and Recruits (potential or existing) of any current sales, promotions, incentives or rewards, so as not to deliberately overcharge or deny Customers, Hostesses or Recruits (potential or existing) any promotional pricing or benefits to which they may be entitled.
9.0 Order Entry
9.1 Consultants must submit Customer orders through Paperly’s Virtual Office only.
9.2 Consultant must place Customer orders in a timely manner, preferably within 1-3 business days of receiving such orders. At the very latest, a Paperly Party must “close” (i.e. a Consultant cannot accept any additional orders from that party) 5 business days after the day of the Party.
9.3 A Party is considered closed once the orders are submitted to Paperly. Any order received thereafter will be considered a new order.
9.4 Once an order is submitted, any personalization errors, other than mistakes made by Paperly or the vendor, are solely the Consultant’s responsibility.
9.5 Consultant may only submit orders under her own name if such orders came directly to her from her Customers. Consultant may not place orders under her name for any one else.
9.6 Orders received by Paperly will be processed within 2 business days, assuming all outstanding order-related questions between Paperly and the Consultant are answered. Paperly cannot be held responsible if orders are delayed during unusually busy periods or because the Consultant has not answered all the order-related questions posed by Paperly. To reiterate the point raised above, no orders will be placed by Paperly until all order-related questions between Paperly and the Consultant are answered.
9.7 Paperly does not offer emailed proofs for any of its products unless expressly stated in Paperly’s Marketing Materials.
10.0 Customers; Subscription Newsletter
10.1 All Customer contact information is the property of Paperly and cannot be used by the Consultant for any purpose other than conducting Paperly business.
10.2 At any time during which a Consultant is an Inactive Consultant, Paperly may, at its sole discretion, cancel a Consultant’s participation in any or all Paperly programs and/or Consultant’s business relationship with Paperly, and, following any such cancellation, either (i) provide Consultant’s Customer contact information to another Paperly Consultant for his or her use in working with Paperly, or (ii) begin marketing directly to each such Customer. Paperly will use reasonable efforts to give advance notice of deactivation to Consultant via email, but shall not be liable for failure to provide any such notice for any reason. Such deactivations are irrevocable; however, once deactivated, a Consultant may re-enroll with Paperly after a suitable period of time has elapsed, determined solely by Paperly.
10.3 When available, Consultant may, by following the subscription procedures in effect from time to time, subscribe to Paperly’s subscription newsletter. Paperly will send Paperly-approved emails to each contact entered into the system by the Consultant, to the extent each such contact has not elected to opt-out of receipt of such email newsletters.
10.4 Consultant shall, in creating and/or providing any e-mail lists to Paperly, comply with all applicable laws including, without limitation, the CAN SPAM Act. To this end, and not in limitation of the foregoing, in addition to providing clear opportunities to to opt-out of future e-mail communications and honoring any opt-out requests, Consultant shall ensure that either (i) each person or entity on any e-mail list has opted-in to receive e-mails from Consultant, or (ii) each e-mail recipient has a material pre-existing business relationship with Consultant. Consultant shall be solely responsible for complying with all such laws, rules and/or regulations, and will defend and indemnify Papery from and against any claims, expenses or other amounts arising in connection with any non-compliance by Consultant.
11.0 Orders and Order Management
11.1 Paperly solely manages all vendor relationships. Consultants are strictly prohibited from contacting any of Paperly’s vendors.
11.2 Any personalization not deemed appropriate by Paperly may be rejected at the sole discretion of Paperly.
11.3 If a Consultant has a question regarding any of her orders, she may submit questions to Paperly by phone (888-30-PAPER | 773.661.1357) or email (
12.0 Product Delivery
12.1 Production times vary by Product, but generally range from 3-7 business days. (Production times often increase dramatically from October through December.) Once produced, Products are then shipped ground using a common carrier (e.g. UPS, FedEx, USPS, DHL, etc.) Shipping times generally range from 3-7 business days. So, in total, Products generally will arrive between 6-14 business days once the order is placed. Some products take significantly longer, sometimes up to 3 weeks in production time.
12.2 Paperly’s Products often arrive in multiple boxes from multiple vendors on multiple days. When necessary, it is the responsibility of the Consultant to repackage Products to match Customer orders.
12.3 Unless expressly noted, Paperly does not offer a rush service for any of its Products.
12.4 Paperly and its vendors ship ground via common carrier (e.g. UPS, USPS, FedEx, DHL, etc.). Paperly shall not be liable for any shipping delay or Product damage caused by common carriers.
12.5 Once the Products are delivered to the Consultant or the Hostess, he or she shall deliver them to the Customer in a timely manner, preferably within 3-5 business days of receiving such products.
13.0 Shipping Policies
13.1 All shipping charges apply to the continental United States only. Shipping surcharges apply for Alaska, Hawaii, Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. Paperly does not ship to locations outside the United States (except for APO addresses as discussed in 13.2). However, a Consultant is welcome to re-ship Products, at her own expense, worldwide.
13.2 Paperly will ship to military personnel or spouse living outside the United States if he or she has an APO address.
13.3 Paperly’s shipping rates are as follows:
* Product total less than $35.00: Shipping rate = $5.00
* Product total is $35.00 – $49.99: Shipping rate = $7.50
* Product total is $50.00 – $99.99: Shipping rate = $10.00
* Product total is more than $100.00: Shipping rate = $12.50
* Paperly offers expedited shipping, although expedited shipping does not speed-up the production process, but instead, only the shipping time. In addition, the fee is per product, not per order. 2 day is $35.00 and Overnight is $45.00.
13.4 In some states, sales tax is charged on shipping. It is the Consultant’s sole responsibility to confirm, prior to an accepting an order, if sales tax on shipping is required. Paperly’s Virtual Office can help the Consultant with this determination.
14.0 Products Purchased by the Consultant
14.1 All products purchased by an Active Consultant for her own consumption or as a personal gift, can be purchased – when not using Paperly Dollars – at a discount equal to her commission rate from Paperly’s full retail price (i.e. before any promotional price) for so long as the applicable Paperly Consultant Agreement remains in effect. Such purchases must be appropriately noted when ordered to receive the discount.
14.2 Products purchased by the Consultant for her own consumption or as a gift cannot be resold.
14.3 Within the Virtual Office, the Consultant discount will be automatically calculated using Paperly’s Base Rate. Then, when applicable, Paperly calculates monthly the Consultant’s discount above the Base Rate and pays any additional discount due thirty (30) days after the close of the month the order was submitted by the Consultant.
15.0 Hostess Rewards
15.1 For hosting a Paperly Party, a Hostess can earn a credit that ranges from $35 to $150 plus a 1/3 discount on up to four (4) Paperly Products. Both the credit and the number of discounted items are based on the total dollar value of Products sold at the Party (before accounting for any order the Hostess places using her Hostess Rewards as well as shipping and taxes).
15.1.1 For example, if Product sales at a Party reach $500, the Hostess earns a $75 credit towards any purchase she makes of full-priced Paperly Products during the party. Furthermore, she may purchase up to two (2) full-priced items at a 1/3 discount.
15.2 Additionally, a Hostess may earn a $10 Paperly credit if a Customer books a Paperly party at her party. That $10 credit can only be used at that Customer’s future party.
15.3 The Hostess rewards must be used at that day’s Paperly Party.
15.4 Purchases made by the Hostess must be for the Hostess’ personal consumption or as a gift and cannot be resold.
16.0 Marketing Materials & Paperly Dollars
16.1 All Marketing Materials must conform to Paperly’s standards.
16.2 Marketing Materials must be used when applicable. For example, Paperly requires its order form to be used whenever a Consultant writes an order, since the order form provides the Customer a receipt as well as the Customer’s cancellation rights.
16.3 Consultant can purchase Marketing Materials from Paperly or Paperly’s approved partners only.
16.4 Marketing Materials cannot be duplicated, copied, reproduced or resold without Paperly’s express written permission.
16.5 When a Consultant’s relationship with Paperly terminates (per Paperly’s Consultant Agreement), all Marketing Materials must be promptly returned to Paperly.
16.6 Paperly occasionally introduces new Marketing Materials.
16.6.1 If Paperly makes these new Marketing Materials available to its Consultants at no cost (excluding shipping fees), it will do so only to Active Consultants.
16.6.2 All Consultants – either Active or Inactive – may purchase Marketing Materials using banked “Paperly Dollars” or credit card.
16.7 Paperly Dollars can be earned any of the following ways:
16.7.1 With each $1,000 in Product sales, Consultants earn 25 Paperly Dollars.
16.7.2 In a Consultant’s first 90 days, she can earn Paperly Dollars as part of Paperly’s Fast Start Rewards program. See Paperly’s “Fast Start Rewards” document for additional details.
16.7.3 Occasionally, Paperly will make Paperly Dollars available if a Consultant achieves a promotional sales target – i.e. “submit 3 Parties in March and receive 25 Paperly Dollars”.
16.8 Upon termination, as described in Paperly’s Consultant Agreement, all Paperly Dollars, either banked or owed to a Consultant, immediately expire.
16.9 Paperly Dollars are nontransferable and have no value other than that described above.
17.0 Promotions and Demotions
17.1 Any promotion or demotion of a Consultant’s title (i.e. from Consultant to Rising Star as described in Paperly’s Commission & Career Plan) will occur in the calendar month that immediately follows the month in which the requirements are met.
17.2 Paperly reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to promote or demote a Consultant’s title irrespective of the requirements met by that Consultant.
18.0 Paperly Communications
18.1 Paperly primarily communicates with its Consultants through email. Paperly reserves the right to communicate as frequently as needed, with such frequency determined solely by Paperly.
18.2 Paperly also reserves the right to exclude Inactive Consultants from email communications.
18.3 It is the Consultant’s responsibility to ensure that Paperly has her working email address.
19.0 Customer Returns
19.1 The majority of Paperly’s products are personalized, and therefore, are valueless to anyone but the intended recipient. Therefore, Paperly will most likely be unable to accept a return, unless the product is defective, is incorrect due to Paperly’s error or is damaged prior to its arrival at Customer’s or Hostess’ location. If a product is defective, incorrect or damaged, Paperly must be notified by the Consultant within five (5) days of its receipt. Assuming Paperly has been properly notified, a replacement product will then be sent as soon as possible at no charge. Paperly does not offer cash refunds.
19.2 Notwithstanding the above (19.1), Customers may cancel their transaction at any time prior to midnight of the third business day after the date of this transaction. See Paperly’s “Notice of Cancellation” form on the reverse side of Paperly’s order form for additional details.
19.3 Errors made by the Customer or Consultant can be corrected and reprinted at 25%-off the full retail price plus applicable shipping costs. Such orders will be processed by Paperly on its normal production schedule.
20.0 Buyback Policy
20.1 If for any reason a Paperly Consultant cancels her participation (as permitted in the Paperly Consultant Agreement), Paperly will repurchase its Marketing Materials (minus any personalized Marketing Materials such as, but not limited to, business cards and samples) purchased by the Consultant within the prior 12 months assuming such Marketing Materials are in resalable condition (as determined exclusively by Paperly upon receipt of such goods) at a price equal to ninety percent (90%) of the price paid by the Consultant, minus any applicable shipping costs. Paperly will mail such payments within thirty (30) days of receiving such Marketing Materials.
21.0 Recruiting
21.1 Recruits must enroll as part of a Consultant’s team via that Consultant’s Virtual Office.
21.2 A Recruit can only be associated with one Consultant.
21.3 If a Recruit applies to Paperly and forgets to stipulate which Consultant recruited him or her, the Recruit has three (3) business days from the time his or her application is submitted to Paperly to notify Paperly of such error.
22.0 Inbound Leads
22.1 Should Paperly receive an inbound call or email from a potential Customer, Recruit or Hostess (“Leads”), Paperly may choose, at its sole discretion, to route that Lead to a Consultant.
22.2 Paperly has the exclusive and final determination of how to appropriately route Leads.
22.3 Paperly may be required to provide Consultant’s personal information, including name, telephone number and address to Leads (provided, that Consultant can opt out of receiving any such Leads by sending a written or electronic notice to the Company).
22.4 Paperly does not screen Leads, and as such, shall not be liable in any way for any costs, expenses or damages suffered by Consultant on account of any such Leads.
23.0 World Wide Web
23.1 Paperly prohibits Consultants from having their own, Paperly-related websites other than the Virtual Office website that Paperly offers.
23.2 Paperly’s Starter Kit entitles the Consultant to one (1) free month of a personalized Paperly website. The free month will begin upon completion of the enrollment process and will remain active for the rest of the current month as well as the following calendar month. Then, on the first day of the month following Consultant’s one (1) free month, the credit card the Consultant enrolled with will be charged Paperly’s website subscription fee ($9.95).
23.3 The Consultant’s website subscription will, if not earlier terminated by Paperly, continue until such time as the Consultant cancels her Paperly website subscription.
23.4 Consultant’s use of her personalized Paperly website is subject to a separate Terms of Use, which Paperly may modify from time to time.
23.5 Consultant may not post Paperly products for sale anywhere on the World Wide Web, including auction websites.
24.0 Personalized URLs
24.1 If Consultant subscribes to a personalized Paperly website (see 23. World Wide Web above), Paperly may choose to print that Consultant’s URL on the backside of a select number of Paperly Products.
24.2 When printing such personalized URLs, Paperly assumes no liability for errors or omissions, including, but not limited to, if the URL is mistakenly left-off or if the URL is incorrect. Such errors or omissions are not grounds for a redo of the Product at Paperly’s expense.
24.3 Paperly reserves the right to discontinue printing of personalized URLs at any time without notice to Consultants.
25.0 Military Leave
25.1 If a Consultant is active in the United States military and is moved to an overseas military facility, she can request, in writing, for an indefinite suspension from Paperly until she returns to the United States. At that time, Consultant may, subject to Paperly’s termination rights set forth herein and elsewhere, rejoin Paperly immediately without repurchasing Paperly’s Starter Kit.
26.0 Spouses
26.1 A spouse of a Consultant may also be a Consultant; however, that spouse cannot be a Recruit of that Consultant.
Effective Date: February 15, 2012